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Commodity Derivatives

With this feature, you can enter and manage financial transactions for the derivative categories Commodity Future, Commodity Forward, Commodity Swap, Listed Option, and OTC Option. The system supports you in entering market data and master data of derivative contract specifications (DCS), the underlying commodities of different industries, and in creating DCS-based commodity curves. Furthermore, you can upload market data from external market data providers. For reporting purposes, you can assign free characteristics to your derivatives.

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SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01

Market Data Management Based on DCS

  • The market data is based on DCS reflecting rules and conditions agreed upon at an exchange, or with other market data providers, and specifies the underlying commodity. The DCS is used for the automatic determination of maturity key dates, quotation, and trading periods.

  • Price data of financial transactions is related to DCS-based market data, which are also applied in the Commodity Pricing Engine (CPE) for commodity-related purchasing and sales documents.

  • Based on the DCS, in some cases in combination with market identification codes, the price data can be manually entered for defined price types and key dates, which determine specific contracts. Furthermore, commodity prices can be manually entered or uploaded by Microsoft Excel© files.

  • Commodity curves enable market data valuations. For the creation of a DCS-based commodity curve, the system determines available market data and constructs the curve based on existing grid points.

  • With the datafeed, current and historical financial market data can be uploaded from external market data providers to the DCS-Based Market Data Management. A remote function call (RFC) connection can be set up.

Financial Transactions

  • With the financial transaction framework in Treasury and Risk Management (transaction FTR_CREATE or FTR_EDIT), you can enter and process financial transactions for the derivative categories Commodity Future, Commodity Forward, Commodity Forward Index, Commodity Swap, Listed Option and OTC Option.

  • Furthermore, there is a settlement function to support the follow-up processing like payments and postings.

  • You can define individual free characteristics, assign them to financial transactions, and use them for reporting purposes.

Master Data Management

You can enter and process master data for the DCS (for example, transaction FDCS01), the underlying commodity, and create DCS-based commodity curves (transaction TANCCMASTER).

Effects on Customizing

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