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Order Scheduling

Order scheduling is an additional process during the processing of sales documents or purchasing documents. It helps to optimize the delivery dates for each item. You can define the strategies to consider the special customer requests or the general business requirements before influencing the delivery date for the items.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Available in all countries/regions

Application Component



SAP S/4HANA 1709

Effects on System Administration

To use this feature, you need to activate the following business functions:
  • Retail and Fashion (ISR_RETAILSYSTEM)

For more information about these business functions, see https://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1709 under Product Assistance > Cross Component > Business Functions > Enterprise Business Functions > Logistics > Retail.

See Also

For more information about Demand and Supply Segmentation, see Product Assistance at http://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1709_000 > Product Assistance > Industries > Retail > Fashion and Vertical Business > Omnichannel Customer Experience> Omnichannel Order Management > Order Scheduling