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Schedule Maintenance Order Operations

As a maintenance planner, you use the Schedule Maintenance Order Operations app to set up a schedule for the due maintenance order operations that you want to dispatch for the next calendar week. You can keep adjusting your schedule until the forecasted work center utilization is optimal and then dispatch all scheduled operations in one go.

Technical Details

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SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

Setting up a schedule allows you to simulate how dispatching operations for specific days in the target week would affect work center utilization. Until you save, your schedule remains a simulation and is only visible to you. On saving, all scheduled operations are dispatched automatically.

The Schedule Maintenance Order Operations app allows you to do the following:

  • Build a schedule by adding and removing order operations

  • Refine your schedule by setting a start day for the selected due operations

  • Check the forecasted work center utilization at week level and at day level and keep adjusting your schedule accordingly

  • Return to your schedule anytime from the Manage Work Center Utilization app until the next calendar week starts

  • Dispatch all scheduled operations in one go

See Also

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