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Interest Rate Overview

With this app, you can display an overview of interest rate related financial risks including current interest rate, historic interest rate, and yield curves, at a selected key date. You can also get an overview of debt and investment related financial risks, including maturity profile, total debts and investments by key date, debt and investment by interest category and reference interest rate. Additionally, you can see the key figures Macaulay Duration, Modified Duration and Basis Point Shift according your settings for the results database of the Market Risk Analyzer.

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SAP S/4HANA 1809


  • The Interest Rate Overview app is available on the SAP Fiori Launchpad under Treasury Reporting.

  • Analyze several key performance indicators displayed as separate cards:

    • Debt/Investment Maturity Profile

    • Total Amount of Debts by Key Date (Top 5 Product Types)

    • Total Amount of Investments by Key Date (Top 5 Product Types)

    • Debt and Investment by Interest Category (Including IR Swap)

    • Debt and Investment by Reference Interest Rate (Including IR Swap)

    • Current Interest Rate

    • Historic Interest Rate

    • Yield Curves

    • Macaulay Duration

    • Modified Duration

    • Basis Point Value

  • You can navigate to the Debt and Investment Analysis app to check the details of outstanding debts and investments. Navigation is available from the following cards:

    • Total Amount of Debts by Key Date

    • Total Amount of Investments by Key Date

    • Debt/Investment by Interest Category

    • Debt/Investment by Reference Interest Rate

  • You can navigate to the Debt and Maturity Profile app to check the details of debts and investments from the Debt and Maturity Profile card.

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