Processing Corrective Actions/Preventive Actions


You use corrective and/or preventive actions to intervene in processes that were found to have potential for improvement during the audit.


You have executed the audit - that is, you have performed the questioning of the audited area - and have recorded various comments, notes concerning deviations, and items where there was potential for improvement.


  1. Access audit management. (See Accessing Audit Management.)

  2. Select the audit for which you want to enter corrective/preventive actions.

    The required audit is displayed.

  3. In the navigation area, choose the question list item for which you are entering corrective/preventive actions.

    The required question list item is displayed.

  4. Choose the pushbutton Valuate.

  5. Choose the pushbutton Corrective/Preventive Action.

  6. In the header area on the right, enter a unique key, a description, and the required language for the corrective/preventive action.

  7. Enter the required data on the tab pages.

  8. On the Texts tab page, you can create notes and/or a description. All of the usual editor functions are available. In addition, you can load local files or save texts you have entered as local files.

    Note Note

    If you load files that contain control indicators (for example, Microsoft Word files), then these control indicators are interpreted as texts by the system and are displayed as such. You should, therefore, only load pure text files (ASCII files).

    End of the note.

Texts that have been entered can only be saved locally as pure text files.

  1. If you want to assign documents to the current corrective/preventive action, select the corrective/preventive action in the navigation area, and follow the procedure described in Assigning Documents to an Audit Component.

  2. Change the status of the corrective/preventive action to Outstanding.

  3. Save the corrective/preventive action.


You have created a corrective/preventive action for a question list item of an audit. In the navigation bar, corrective/preventive actions are indicated by the icon and assigned documents by the icon .

Note Note

If you choose the pushbutton Print Preview in the right screen area, the system displays the data of the current corrective/preventive action as a print preview. You can print this preview ( Form for Corrective Action pushbutton), you can assign it to the current action as a PDF document ( PDF Attachment pushbutton), or you can send it in the form of a PDF document in a mail to all business partners ( PDF Attachment pushbutton. You can also use your own forms.

It is always possible to change existing corrective/preventive actions. To do this, double-click on the required corrective/preventive action in the navigation area and then make the required changes.

To delete a corrective/preventive action, select the required corrective/preventive action in the navigation area and choose Delete in the context menu.

End of the note.