SAP HANA External Machine Learning Library (New)

The SAP HANA External Machine Learning Library is a new application function library (AFL) introduced in SAP HANA Platform 2.0 SPS 02 that supports the integration of Google TensorFlow, as an external machine learning framework, with SAP HANA.

The External Machine Learning (EML) Library makes use of Google’s gRPC remote procedure call package. These combined capabilities allow you to remotely invoke predefined TensorFlow models, hosted on the TensorFlow Serving server, through gRPC calls encapsulated inside AFL procedures.

The EML API provides the following features:

  • PREDICT function: The PREDICT function is wrapped using SYS.AFLLANG_WRAPPER_PROCEDURE_CREATE, which exposes the given TensorFlow model within SAP HANA and allows it to be invoked like a normal AFL function.

  • _SYS_AFL.EML_MODEL_CONFIGURATION table: The mappings of models to remote sources.

  • CHECKDESTINATION procedure: Validates that a model can be reached and has a valid serving state.

  • A set of privileges for EML development and administration tasks.