Document Reversal


If you have entered an incorrect document, you can reverse it, thereby also clearing the open items.

A document can only be reversed if:

  • It contains no cleared items

  • It contains only customer, vendor, and G/L account items

  • It was posted with Financial Accounting

  • All entered values (such as business area, cost center, and tax code) are still valid

    Note Note

    If a line item from a source document has been cleared, a reversal can only be carried out after the clearing is reset. Information on clearing is available in FI General Ledger Accounting as well as FI Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable .

    End of the note.


Documents from SD can be reversed with a credit memo. Documents from MM must be reversed with functions in that component because the reversal function in FI does not reverse all the values required. For more information on reversals in SD and MM, see the documentation for those applications.


There are two ways of updating transaction figures when reversing a document:

  • The document and the reverse document increase the account transaction debit and credit figures by the same amount.

  • After a document has been reversed, the balance of the account affected is shown as if the document had never been posted. ( Negative Postings)


You generally post the reversal document in the same posting period as the corresponding original document. If the posting period of the source document has already been closed, you have to enter a date that falls in an open posting period (for example, the current one) in the Posting date field.