Manual Account Clearing


In this clearing procedure, you manually select open items that balance to zero from an account.


You generally use the payment program to clear invoices. This enables you to use automatic clearing instead of having to clear the items manually. The following are examples of situations where you would carry out clearing manually:

  • For bank subaccounts and clearing accounts

  • Where you have agreed a debit memo procedure

  • If your vendor is making a refund


The system then marks the items selected as cleared. It enters a clearing document number and the clearing date in the document items. The clearing date can be the current date or a date that you enter manually. The clearing document number is the number of the most recent document involved in the clearing transaction.

Note Note

If no additional postings are necessary to clear an account, the system generates a clearing document . However, the system might have to make clearing postings if line items from different business areas are part of the clearing transaction, for example. In this case, the system creates a document . The number of this document is entered in all cleared items.

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