SAP Fiori Client Guide


SAP Fiori Client is a native mobile application runtime container for SAP Fiori that allows users to access their SAP Fiori launchpad in online mode. It can be downloaded from the public app stores for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

SAP Fiori Client overcomes limitations in the mobile browser by providing a reliable caching mechanism for SAP Fiori application assets, and also provides device APIs (such as camera, barcode scanner, and geolocation) to SAP Fiori applications. SAP Fiori Client is designed around Apache Cordova architecture, where device APIs and custom functionality are added through plugins. For a list of plugins included in SAP Fiori Client, see Kapsel and Cordova Plugins for SAP Fiori Client.

Custom SAP Fiori Client

Developers can use the SAP Mobile Platform SDK to build a custom SAP Fiori client (for iOS and Android) to adjust the branding, add support for custom authentication schemes, or add additional SAP, partner, or open source plugins. The custom version has the same core capabilities as the app store version of the SAP Fiori Client: both applications can connect to the front-end server directly or through SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations, and both applications can expose native capabilities to SAP Fiori apps running within the application container. For more information, see Creating a Custom SAP Fiori Client.