SAP Fiori Client Guide

Adding the Online Application Plugin

To install the Online Application plugin, use the Cordova command line interface.


  • Set up the development environment.
  • Create your Cordova project.
  • Add your OS platforms.


The Online Application plugin provides the code used to dynamically add the cordova.js include automatically and enables the cordova.js and other JavaScript files required by the added plugins to be loaded from the devices file system rather than from a web server.


  1. Add the Online Application plugin by entering the following at the command prompt, or terminal:

    cordova plugin add kapsel-plugin-online --searchpath KAPSEL_HOME/plugins

    On iOS, the online application plugin adds a session cookie named X-CORDOVA-PLUGINS that includes a comma separated list of the Cordova plugins. This can be used for feature detection by the server or the client. The values can be accessed in JavaScript via a document.cookie and can be seen when debugging using Web Inspector.

  2. (Optional) To see a list of installed plugins in your Cordova project, open a command prompt or terminal window, navigate to your Cordova project folder, and enter:
    cordova plugins
    The Cordova command line interface returns a JSON array showing installed plugins, for example:
    [ 'cordova-plugin-camera',     
    'cordova-plugin-file' ] 

    This example shows that the Cordova project has the Cordova core Camera, Accelerator (device-motion), and File plugins installed.

  3. Modify the files in the Cordova project's www folder as appropriate for your project.
  4. Execute the following command to copy the files in the Cordova project's www folder to the platform directories:
    cordova prepare android
    cordova prepare ios 
  5. Use an integrated development environment to deploy and run the project.