SAP Fiori Client Guide

Life Cycle of a Certificate Provider

Provides the various stages of a certificate provider.


The life cycle of a certificate provider includes the following stages:


  1. The certificate provided is created at runtime by the application.
  2. On Android, the setParameter method is called before initialize with the application ID and the Android Activity for certificate provider use.
  3. Call the initialize method to get the certificate from the third party MDM (Mobile Device Management). If necessary, the initialize method can show the native UI by:
    • The setProperty method call (for Android)

    • Skimming the ViewController hierarchy and using the the presented UIViewController instance (for iOS)

  4. Optionally, call the setParameter method to set the available information for certificate provider use.
  5. Once the certificate is retrieved, call the initialize method's completion block to report the result to the caller.
  6. The Logon plugin calls the getStoredCertificate method to use the stored certificate.
  7. If the certificate is expired or revoked, call the deleteStoredCertificate method to reset the stored certificate and then call the initialize method again to get a new certificate.