SAP Fiori Client Guide

Disabling the Privacy Screen on Android

You can disable the Privacy Screen plugin for the Cordova WebView and the In App Browser.


The Privacy Screen plugin is integrated into the SAP Hybrid (Kapsel) InAppBrowser plugin (based on the open source InAppBrowserInformation published on non-SAP site plugin). For more information about the Kapsel InAppBrowser plugin, see InAppBrowser Plugin.


  1. From a command prompt or terminal, enter:
    cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-privacyscreen
  2. (Optional) Go to C:\Kapsel_Projects\<Project_Name>\platforms\android\src\org\apache\cordova\inappbrowser\
  3. (Optional) Edit the file.
  4. (Optional) Comment out the following line:
    dialog.getWindow().setFlags(LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE, LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE);