SAP Fiori Client Guide

Installing Android Studio

Android Studio includes the Android Studio IDE and the Android SDK tools.


  1. Confirm that your system meets the requirements at published on non-SAP site.
  2. Download and install Android Studio from published on non-SAP site
  3. Add the Android SDK to your PATH environment variable:
    • On Windows, add <Android SDK Location>\tools to the PATH environment variable.
    • On OS X, the command is: export PATH=$PATH:<path to Android SDK>/tools .
  4. Download and install Extras > Android Support Repository.
  5. Download and install Extras > Android Support Library. For more information, see also Support Library SetupInformation published on non-SAP site.
  6. Launch the Android SDK Manager and download the latest tools:
    1. Open the Tools directory and select: SDK Tools, SDK Platform-tools, and the highest version of the SDK Build-tools.
    2. Open the Android X.X folder (the latest version) and select: SDK Platform and a system emulator such as ARM EABI v7a System Image.
  7. Download any additional packages. See published on non-SAP site.
  8. Install the packages.