SAP Fiori Client Guide

Customizing First Use Tips

The First Use Tip screen provides an HTML page containing tips for using the application (such as how to access the settings). The tips appear/are displayed in the in-application browser the first time the application is launched..

You can customize the tips that are displayed by replacing or modifying the FirstUseTips.html file, located in the assets directory of the fiori_client apps directory.

To customize how the tips dialog is displayed and dismissed, see the showFirstUseTips method in the following file:


function showFirstUseTips() {'Showing first use tips dialog.', 'FIORI_CLIENT');
  var firstUseIAB ='FirstUseTips.html', '_blank', 'location=no,EnableViewPortScale=yes');
  firstUseIAB.addEventListener('exit', function () {
    setTimeout(goToFioriURLWithBackupHardcodedValue, 1000);
  sap.AppPreferences.setPreferenceValue('shouldShowFirstUseTips', false );
    // Show the tip for 5 seconds and dismiss it (there is no Done button on Android).
      setTimeout(function() {
  }, 5000);