SAP Fiori Client Guide

Supporting Pulse Secure

Develop a Custom SAP Fiori Client or Kapsel application that supports a Pulse Secure VPN solution.

To support Pulse Secure in your Custom SAP Fiori Client, you must modify your application's configuration with the correct HTTP proxy settings, as well as configure your Pulse Secure server.

Support for Pulse Secure is available on the iOS platform configured for HTTP basic authentication on an SAP Mobile Platform server.

Pulse Secure Requirements

To connect a Custom SAP Fiori Client or Kapsel application to Pulse Secure, you must properly configure the Pulse Secure server using the following steps.
  1. Create a new authentication server, setting the server type to Local authentication. Add the required users to the authentication server.
  2. Create a user role and enable the Secure Application Manager option.
  3. Create a user realm.
    • Set authentication to the authentication server created in step 1.
    • Configure role mapping using the user role created in step 2.
  4. Create a policy for Secure Application Manager .
    • Enable access to the SAP Mobile PlatformMP server URLs.
    • Assign the role created in step 2 to the policy.

Configuring appConfig.js

To add support for Pulse Secure to your Custom SAP Fiori Client or Kapsel application, modify the appConfig.js file with the following keys:
  • "proxyID":"appConnectProxy"
  • "proxyURL":""
  • "proxyExceptionList":[""]

For more information about configuring your appConfig.js file, see Configuration Properties and Configuring your Custom SAP Fiori Client in appconfig.js