SAP Fiori Client Guide

Installing the Apache Cordova Command Line Interface

Apache Cordova includes a command line interface for managing Cordova applications and the application development process.


See published on non-SAP site. Follow all of the steps in the Cordova command line interface


  1. Open a command prompt window, and enter:
    • On Windows: npm install -g cordova@<latest_supported_version>
    • On Mac: sudo npm install -g cordova@<latest_supported_version>

    -g indicates that Apache Cordova should be installed globally.

  2. On Mac, when prompted, enter your root user password.
  3. Verify the Cordova installation by entering this command at the command prompt, or in the terminal window:cordova –v

    The output shows the Cordova version installed, for example, 6.0.0.

    You should also scroll back through the entire installation history shown in the terminal and look for errors to verify the installation was successful.