SAP Fiori Client Guide

Upload Records to the Server

Records are uploaded to the server through two connection types: Wi-Fi and a user's cellular data plan.

When an application is in the foreground (active user session), the usage library automatically uploads records to the SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations server. To minimize the impact of usage data collection on an end user's cellular data plan, the usage library tests the device's network connection type before uploading records to the server. The connection type determines how records are uploaded to the server:
  • Wi-Fi – the usage library uses its HttpConversationManager session to POST records to the server.
  • Cellular data – the usage library does not POST records to the server. Instead, the records are retained in the client database until the next time the app has a Wi-fi connection.

The SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations administrator controls the upload behavior via the Mobile Service for Development and Operations cockpit. The administrator can set a maximum threshold for client records to be stored on-device. Once the threshold is exceeded, the record upload is executed over cellular data. For more information, see Application Usage Reporting Overview.