SAP Fiori Client Guide

Configuring Passcode Manager

Use the Passcode Manager to configure the Logon plugin as a passcode and datavault manager.

Passcode Manager is an initialization method you can use to set up the Logon plugin as a passcode and datavault manager; it does not register with a server.

The Logon plugin datavault is required by the Encrypted Storage plugin. For more information about the Encrypted Storage plugin, see Encrypted Storage Plugin.

To initialize and set up the Passcode Manager, use sap.Logon.initPasscodeManager. For example:

 sap.Logon.initPasscodeManager(successCallback, errorCallback, appID, null, passcodePolicy, context);
To initialize the Passcode Manager, define the following fields:





The application's identifier.

For example: ""

var appID = "";


The passcode policy for the datavault.

For more information about passcode policies, see Application Passcode.

var passcodePolicy = {


The connection parameters for the application.

For more information about configuring the Logon plugin, see Logon Plugin

 var context = {
    "serverHost": "10.X.XXX.XXX",
    "https": "false",
    "serverPort": "8080",
    "user": "i82XXXX",
    "password": "XXXXX",
    "communicatorId": "REST",
    "passcode": "password",  
    "unlockPasscode": "password",