SAP Fiori Client Guide

Provision the iOS Device for APNS

SAP Mobile Platform provides support for Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) by pushing notifications to Kapsel while it is offline.

With APNS, each device establishes encrypted IP connections to the service and receives notifications about availability of new items that are awaiting retrieval from the server. On 3G networks, this feature overcomes network issues with always-on connectivity and battery life consumption.

Examples of cases when notifications are sent include when the server identifies that a new message needs to be sent to the device, for example, when a new app is assigned to the device, or a push notification message is sent to the server and targeting a particular user when the app is not running.

See the Provisioning and Development in the Local and Remote Notification Programming Guide at published on non-SAP site, where APNS is documented in detail.

Register with Apple to download and use the iOS SDK to develop with the simulator. To deploy applicationss to devices, you must create a certificate in your developer account and provision your device.