SAP Fiori Client Guide

Creating an App ID

Create a new App ID for the application.


As a convention, the App ID is in the form of a reversed addresse, for example, com.example.MyPushApp. The App ID must not contain a wildcard character ("*").


  1. Go to the  Apple Developer Member CenterInformation published on non-SAP site Web site, log in, if required, and select  Certificates, Identifiers & ProfilesInformation published on non-SAP site.
  2. Select Start of the navigation path Identifiers Next navigation step App IDs End of the navigation path, and click the +.
  3. Enter a name for your App ID, and, under App Service, select Push Notifications.
  4. Accept the default App ID prefix, or choose another one.
  5. Under App ID Suffix, select Explicit App ID, and enter your iOS app's Bundle ID.
    This string should match the Bundle Identifier in your iOS app's Info.plist.
  6. Select Continue.
    Verify that all the values are correct. Push Notifications should be enabled, and the Identifier field should match your app's Bundle Identifier (plus App ID Prefix).
  7. Click Submit.