SAP Fiori Client Guide

iOS Certificate Provider Sample

The iOS certificate provider sample project implements a certificate provider interface by retrieving the client certificate from a p12 file in the application bundle. The provider displays a native UI screen to let the user enter the p12 file name and password.

The project is available to download from: published on non-SAP site

The related folders are:

  • iOS\X509FileCertificateProvider This folder contains the X509FileCertificateProvider library project, which demonstrates how to implements the certificate provider interface by loading a client certificate from a file.
  • iOS\ X509KapselSample This folder contains the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) main project that uses the X509FileCertificateProvider library to do the SAP Mobile Platform registration.

To use the sample project, update the server connection information in index.html, and the client certificate p12 file in the project resource bundle, based on your SAP Mobile Platform Server configuration.