SAP Fiori Client Guide

Creating a Mobile Deep Link to an Application in SAP Fiori Client

SAP Fiori Client supports mobile deep linking on Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices. Mobile deep linking connects a unique URL to a defined action in a mobile app. Users can click a deep link URL on a Web page or e-mail message to launch a specific application within SAP Fiori Client.

Deep-link URL Format

The x-callback-url standard is used to define a deep-link URL to SAP Fiori Client.

<URL scheme>://x-callback-url/openFioriUrl?url=<SAP Fiori URL>

URL Scheme

The URL scheme is determined by the type of SAP Fiori Client you are using.
  • SAP Fiori Client: The SAP Fiori Client downloaded from an app store has a default package of As a result, the URL scheme is

  • Custom SAP Fiori Client: If you are using a custom SAP Fiori Client, the URL scheme is composed of <package name>.xcallbackurl.

    For example: If the package name is, then the URL scheme is


The SAP Fiori URL is the URL of the SAP Fiori application you want to open within SAP Fiori Client. The SAP Fiori URL must have the same host and protocol as the configured SAP Fiori launchpad URL used by SAP Fiori Client. If it is not matched, the deep link will not work and will show an error message. Also, multiple users are not supported; the SAP Fiori URL must use the same credentials as the configured SAP Fiori launchpad URL.