SAP Fiori Client Guide

Configuring SAP Fiori Client Using URL Query Parameters

The simplest way to configure SAP Fiori Client is to manually append query string parameters to the Fiori launchpad URL that you provide to end users.

The following table shows the parameters that can be used for manual configuration:






false (default)

Specifies whether the client should connect through SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations (true) or connect directly to the SAP Fiori front-end server with SAP Gateway (false).


<> (default)

Identifies the application to the datavault. You can use any value for the appID. Reverse domain notation is recommended.

If the client connects through SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations, the appID must match the application ID defined in the admin cockpit. For more information, see Defining SAP Fiori Client in SAP Mobile Platform.



Client certificate provider. SAP Fiori Client has built-in support for the Afaria certificate provider.

For SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services registration, specify afaria as the certificate provider.

For no server registration, specify as the certificate provider.

On iOS, is supported for both server and no server registration.



false (default)

Defines whether the application automatically selects a client certificate for mutual authentication (iOS only).

Currently, only the SAML2 authtype is supported. When you specify the SAML2 authtype, the following default attributes are used:


If you need to use different SAML attributes, you must specify them in a different way, such as via the application policy in SAP Mobile Secure, or hard-coded in appconfig.js for a custom SAP Fiori client.


<resource path>


Specifies the resource path the client should use to connect through to SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations. The path is used mainly for a path-based reverse proxy, but can also contain a custom relay server path (examples below).

Setting this property automatically enables the fioriURLIsSMP property.



Allows SAP Fiori Client to authenticate to the SAP SSO IdP using a passcode generated by the SAP Authenticator app.

For more information, see Configuring Single Sign-On with One-Time Password (OTP) and SAP SSO.



* (disables no bridge entirely)

Use this property to specify additional domains that can access plugins provided by SAP Fiori Client when loaded into the app's WebView. Separate domains with a comma.

Syntax examples:



For information about the No Bridge security feature, see No Bridge for Non-Fiori Content.



false (default)

Use this property to enable multiple user support on the SAP Fiori Client. Multi-user mode allows multiple users to use the same Custom SAP Fiori Client application.

For information about the multi-user feature, see Enabling Multiple User Support.

Use a question mark (?) to separate the first parameter from the rest of the URL, and use an ampersand (&) to separate the parameters from each other.