SAP Fiori Client Guide

Understanding Fingerprint Authentication

(Android, iOS) Beginning in SP14, kapsel applications and SAP Fiori Client support fingerprint authentication. Fingerprint authentication can be used to unlock the datavault instead of the passcode.

Fingerprint authentication is built into the SAP Fiori Client by default. It is not necessary to enable it in the Custom SAP Fiori Client, however, if you have enabled Multiple User Support then fingerprint authentication can not be used.


When developing your application keep in mind that fingerprint authentication requires the following device conditions.

  • The user must enable fingerprint authentication in SAP Fiori Client by selecting the set passcode screen, for more information see SAP Fiori Client User Guide

  • The user's fingerprint must be configured and saved in the device's operation system settings.

  • For iOS, fingerprint authentication is available on devices that have touch id capability, and are running iOS 9 or higher.

  • For Android, fingerprint authentication is available on devices that have fingerprint authentication capability and are running Android 6.0 or higher.

Passcode Policy

To support Fingerprint Authentication in SAP Fiori Client, allowFingerprint has been added to the passcode policy. By default, the allowFingerprint policy is enabled on the device side. For more information on at Passcode Policy, see Application Passcode.