SAP Fiori Client Guide

Cache Manager Plugin

(Android, iOS) Improve the performance of SAP Fiori applications with disk caching. Use this plugin to cache web assets of SAP Fiori application. It also invalidates the cache based on the SAP UI5 cache buster manifest file, which contains a list of resources (HTML/JS/CSS) required by the application.

The plugin is recommended to be used only with remote SAP Fiori web applications.

No modifications are required or recommended to be performed to this plugin.

Cache Invalidation

There are two types of SAP Fiori manifest files that the SAP Fiori Client uses for checking whether its current cache is valid. The manifest files are not physical files on the server. The manifest information is dynamically generated in response to an HTTP request.

  • Application Cache Manifest

    If crm_accounts is the name of the SAP Fiori application on the server, the SAP Fiori Client makes a call to the following URL to get the manifest file. The server returns a JSON object with a list of all resources that are owned by this application, and a hash and timestamp.


    This file is cached on the client the first time this application is accessed from the SAP Fiori Client. Every subsequent SAP Fiori Client start or resume triggers a call to this URL to get the latest content. If the new manifest content differs from the cached version, the "crm_myaccounts" application cache is deleted. The cache for "crm_myaccounts" is rebuilt when the user visits the "crm_myaccounts" application.

  • UI5 Cache Manifest

    The UI5 cache manifest returns a single hash / timestamp. The SAP Fiori Client caches this hash the first time the SAP Fiori Client accesses a Fiori URL.


    On all subsequent SAP Fiori Client starts or resume, the SAP Fiori Client makes a request to this URL to get the latest hash. If the hash has changed, the SAP Fiori Client deletes the entire application and the UI5 cache.

    The cache is rebuilt when the user navigates again to the SAP Fiori application.