SAP Fiori Client Guide

Storing configuration data outside of the datavault

Improve load time by saving configuration data outside of the datavault.

Accessing the datavault requires extensive cryptographic operations. If you are not storing any sensitive information, it can be stored outside of the datavault in the browser's local storage. This may improve your load time after registration. When the application restarts, the application will not initialize the logon core library, instead it will read the registration information from the browser's local storage.

Since local storage is not secure, the user's credentials are not saved in local storage. For iOS devices, they are saved in a keychain and is protected by iOS keychain security feature. For Android devices, they are encrypted and stored in persistent storage.


To store configuration data outside of the datavault, your application must meet the following conditions:

  • Use Anonymous or Basic authentication. Certificate provider authentication is not supported.

  • User passcode must be disabled.

  • For Android, version 4.3 or higher is required for the KeyStore APIs.


To store registration information in local storage, be aware of the following limitations.

  • Multiple User mode is not supported.

  • Passcode must be disabled, resulting in reduced application security.


In order to use local storage, add the following condition to appconfig.js.

"useLocalStorage": true