SAP Fiori Client Guide

Automatically install a default SAPUI5 theme

Automatically specify a default SAPUI5 theme for your Custom SAP Fiori Client or Hybrid application.

When you add the Logon plugin to your application, it will automatically install a default SAPUI5 theme into your application's resource folder. The plugin will install SAPUI5 to the resources folder at the root of the www folder if it is not present. Kapsel plugins that require SAPUI5 will load from the resources location. Beginning in SP14, there should now only ever be one copy of SAPUI5 used by the application and the plugins.

Adding the SAPUI5 plugin in an existing project

Delete the resources folder in the www folder.

Use cordova prepare to update the platforms, the plugin will detect that no SAPUI5 resources are present and will install its copy.

Using your own version of SAPUI5

To use your own version of SAPUI5, delete the resources folder in the www folder and copy your own version of SAPUI5 into that directory.

Use cordova prepare to update the platforms with the new version.

Changing the SAPUI5 theme

The SAPUI5 theme provided by this plugin is sap_belize. However, you could develop your own custom theme, or include a different version of SAPUI5 that contains another standard theme, such as sap_bluecrystal.

To change the theme within your project, modify the data-sap-ui-theme property found in the iab.html file. The default location of this file is C:\SAP\MobileSDK3\KapselSDK\plugins\logon\www\common\assets\ui\iab.html.

<script src="../../../resources/sap-ui-core.js" type="text/javascript"
		"view": "view"