SAP Fiori Client Guide

initialize Method

In the non-SAP Mobile Platform case, the initialize method is the main method called by the Logon plugin to asynchronously get the client certificate from the certificate provider (in the SAP Mobile Platform case, this method is not called and the getCertificate method is called instead).

When this method is called, the provider must do all the setup it needs to do to be able to provide a certificate and then call the CertificateProviderListener.initializationComplete method. The certificate is not actually provided at this point, but the provider must be ready to provide the certificate to the synchronous getStoredCertificate method.

If the certificate provider encounters errors, it should attempt to recover from them (for example, if the user provides an incorrect password, the provider should notify the user and prompt again for the password). However, for non-recoverable errors a CertificateproviderException may be thrown.


void getCertificate(CertificateProviderListener callbackObject)


  • callbackObject The CertificateProviderListener callback object. The CertificateProviderListener has the following methods: initializationComplete