SAP Fiori Client Guide

Upgrading your Mobile Service to Receive Push Notifications

Upgrade your Visual Studio project and Windows Azure mobile service to receive push notifications.


  1. Navigate to the Windows Dev Center at and sign in with your Windows user ID and password.
  2. Click on the Dev Center, select Windows Store App, and click the Dashboard tab.
  3. In the Upgrade Required dialog, select Yes to upgrade the service to use push notifications.
    After the upgrade is complete, Visual Studio makes the following changes to the project:
    • Connects the Cordova application the the push mobile service:
      • Adds a reference the the Windows Azure Mobile Services SDK
      • Adds necessary code files and initialization logic to the Cordova project.
    • Updates the push mobile service:
      • Sets the Client Secret and Package SID values on the mobile service.
      • Sample script to send a toast notification.
    • Updates the Live Connect Developer Center with the redirect domain URI value of your Windows Azure mobile service.
  4. Click on the Edit menu for your application, and select Services.
  5. Click on Live Service to retrieve the Client Secret and Package SID values.
    These values protect application security by authenticating communications from the server.
  6. Enter the Client Secret and Package SID into your application's configuration under the Push tab of the management cockpit of SAP Mobile Platform Server.