SAP Fiori Client Guide

Barcode Scanner Plugin

(Android, iOS, Windows 10) Enables Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications to scan and decode a barcode using the device camera.

This plugin uses a fork of the open source BarcodeScanner plugin. For more information, and a list of supported barcode types, see published on non-SAP site. The Android platform integrates the ZXing (Zebra Crossing) ( published on non-SAP site) barcode image processing library.

Include the plugin's scan method in your application code to launch the scanner UI, and upon detection of a barcode it scans the code, and control is passed back to your application, along with the barcode data. On Android, you can include the encode method to encode a supported type of information as a barcode. For a list of supported types, see the open source BarcodeScanner plugin.