Using End-to-End Tracing to Troubleshoot and Diagnose Device Problems

Analyze end-to-end (E2E) tracing to troubleshoot client issues. E2E tracing sessions are conducted by administrators and device users. E2E trace information is recorded in a Business Transaction XML (BTX) file on the client, which is uploaded to the server, and then uploaded to SAP Solution Manager for analysis.


  • Configure the client to support E2E tracing using the supportability-related tracing APIs. For more information, see the Developer Guide for your platform.
  • Configure SAP Solution Manager settings on SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  • Set the E2E trace level in the application's client policies.


  1. The user initiates tracing on the device.
  2. The user performs the transaction that requires tracing.
  3. The user stops tracing on the device.
  4. The user uploads the BTX file to SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  5. The BTX file is uploaded to Solution Manager where it can be analyzed.