SAML2 Authentication Configuration Properties

After you configure the SAP Mobile Platform SAML service provider certificate generator, create a local service provider, and configure a trusted identity provider, you can use SAML2 in a security profile, alone or in combination with other authentication providers.


Configure a SAML2 provider by configuring::
  • The SAP Mobile Platform local service provider, and
  • A trusted identity provider.


Table 61: SAML2 General Configuration Properties
Property Default Value Description
Control Flag Optional Indicates how the security provider is used in the login sequence.

Set this property to Optional, because this login module always returns false from its login method.

Provider Description None

Differentiate between multiple instances of the same provider type; for example, when you have multiple authentication providers of the same type stacked in a security profile, and each targets a different repository.

Identity Provider Name None The name you configured for the trusted identity provider.
Table 62: SAML2 Advanced Configuration Properties
Property Default Value Description
Key None Not used.
Value None Not used.

To validate your settings, click Test Settings. A message reports either success or failure; if validation fails, invalid settings are highlighted.