Virus Scan Logging

View virus scan logs for information about tracing, adapter loading, and virus infections found.

The NW-VSI bundle included with SAP Mobile Platform logs actions and events into a number of files:
Property Default Value Description
vsi.log.file ./log/dev_VSI_%g.log general VSI trace information log file
vsi.log.level -1 severity level for items in the vsi.log.file ./log/security_%g.log specific virus infection information log file 300 severity level for items in the
vsi.trace.file ./log/dev_VSI.trc general VSI trace information log file
vsi.trace.level -1 severity level for items in the vsi.trace.level file
Log levels specify varying levels of severity as defined (in ascending order of severity). You can set log levels to determine which information and events are captured in the logs:
Severity Value Details
MIN 0 minimum restriction
DEBUG 100 for debugging purposes, with extensive and low level information
PATH 200 for tracing the execution flow, e.g. used in the context of entering and leaving a method, or looping and branching operations
INFO 300 informational text, mostly for echoing what has been performed
WARNING 400 application can recover from anomaly and fulfill the desired task, but needs attention from the developer/operator
ERROR 500 application can recover from the error, but cannot fulfill the desired task due to the error.
FATAL 600 application cannot recover from the error, and the severe situation causes fatal termination.
MAX 700 maximum restriction
You can also set log levels with the following severity keywords to enable and disable logging and tracing:
Severity Value Details
ALL 0 outputs all log messages regardless of severity
NONE 701 no messages are logged. This value essentially disables logging/tracing.
The vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.Trace<option> property in <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi\ is used to control tracing in the logs. Tracing options included in the file are:
Trace property Default Value
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceError false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceInfo false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceJNI false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceMemory false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceParameters false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceRfc false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceRfcContent false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceThread false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceVSA false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceVSI false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceVirus false
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.TraceSetting.TraceWarning false