Mapping User Certificates in SAP Gateway

A certificate DN has a full set of attributes that you must map in SAP Gateway. Map both the end-user and the technical-user certificates.


  1. Open SAP Logon, and log in to the SAP Gateway system.
  2. Run the SM30 transaction.
  3. In the Maintain Table Views dialog, enter VUSREXTID as the Table/View.
  4. Click Maintain, enter DN as the External ID type, and click the check mark.

  5. On the certificate Details tab, find the value of Subject.

  6. Click New Entries, and enter:
    • External ID – comma-separated list of certificate Subject details.

    • User – Gateway ABAP ID.

    • Activated – select.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to map certificates for both the end user and the technical user.


The results should look similar to this: