Creating SAP Gateway User Accounts

On the SAP Gateway system, create two user accounts, one for an end user and one for a technical user.


To create a user account, you must have the administor role.


  1. Open SAP Logon, and log in to the SAP Gateway system.
  2. Run the SU01 transaction.
  3. Create a user account:
    1. For User, enter ssodemo or ssotechnical, and click the Create icon .
    2. Select Address, and enter a value for Last Name.
    3. Select Logon Data, and enter the same user password in both Initial Password and Repeat Password.
    4. Select Roles, and enter two roles:
      • SAP_J2EE_ADMIN


    5. Click the Save icon.
    6. Repeat steps a–e to create both user accounts—ssodemo and ssotechnical.
  4. To verify that the accounts are working, log in to the SAP Gateway interface with a user name and password that you created. The ability to log in indicates that the user account works.