Defining Web Services to Export Applications

Define a Web service to export applications from the source SAP Mobile Platform Server landscape.


You can configure and activate a CTS+ export Web service using the SAP NetWeaver Service-Oriented Architecture-based (SOA) Management tool. For information about SOA management, see:


  1. Log in to the CTS+ System client that you defined in the development system.
  2. Run the SOAMANAGER transaction.

    After authentication, the SOA Management tool opens in a Web browser.

  3. Select Service Administration, and then select Web Service Configuration.
  4. As the Object Name, enter EXPORT_CTS_WS, and click Search.
  5. Under Search Results, click EXPORT_CTS_WS, select Overview, and record the value of External Namespace (for example, urn:sap-com:document:sap:soap:functions:mc-style).
  6. Select the Configuration tab. Existing EXPORT_CTS_WS type Web services and their bindings appear.
  7. To use an existing Web service, skip to step 8. To create a new Web service:
    1. Click Create Service.
    2. In the Web Service Configuration window, enter values for:
      • Service Name

      • Service Description Text

      • New Binding Name

    3. Under Configuration of Web Service, select Provider Security, and set these property values:
      • Communication SecurityNone (HTTP)

      • Transport Channel AuthenticationUser ID/Password

      • Collected Authentication Methodssapsp: HTTPBasic

    4. Under Operation Settings, click Finish.
  8. In the Define services and bindings table, find the service you want to use, and click its Open Service WSDL Generation icon .
  9. Record the values of Service Name and WSDL URL for Binding.

Next Steps

If you have trouble running the EXPORT_CTS_WS Web service, see the error log:
  1. Log in to the client system that hosts the Web service.

  2. Run the SLG1 transaction and search the log for the CTSPLUS object.