Agentry Application Locks after Publishing Update


After updating an Agentry application using ZIP publishing, the server application folder locks. Attempts to free the lock by restarting the server, or deleting the application lock and restarting the server do not work.


This can happen if the localization path is the same as the application configuration directory. You must set the localization path to a subdirectory of the application configuration directory, instead of setting it to the application configuration directory itself. This can also happen if you change the localization path in Management Cockpit without publishing, then restart the application.
  1. In Management Cockpit, select the locked application, and click App Specific Settings.
  2. Under Configuration, locate Localization Path.
  3. Change the Localization Path value to a subdirectory of the application configuration directory.
  4. Close and save the application.
  5. Move the localization files to the new location (if using a development app, move the files on the file system).
  6. Publish the application again.
  7. Instruct the application user to restart the application.