Web Dispatcher Profile Parameters

Determine SAP Web Dispatcher functionality by defining its parameters in a profile text-file.

The profile parameters that are described below are a subset of those defined in SAP Web Dispatcher Parameters – Reference. If required, you may add properties from this reference manual to the Web Dispatcher profile.
Parameter Default Value Description
ssl/server_pse SAPSSLS.pse Server SSL Personal Security Environment (PSE) file.
ssl/client_pse SAPSSLC.pse Client SSL Personal Security Environment file.
wdisp/ssl_encrypt 1 Determines how Web Dispatcher handles inbound HTTP/HTTPS requests:
  • 0 – forwards requests unencrypted.
  • 1 – for requests that arrive over HTTPS, encrypts them with SSL, then forwards them.
  • 2 – forwards requests that are encrypted with SSL.

    You can configure Web Dispatcher for end-to-end SSL by specifying PROT=ROUTER when you define the icm/server_port_<x> parameter.

wdisp/ssl_auth 1 Specifies which Web Dispatcher X.509 client certificate to use with an application server::
  • 0 – no certificate.
  • 1 – default certificate.
  • 2 – the certificate that is specified in the wdisp/ssl_cred profile parameter.
wdisp/ssl_cred none The PSE file that is used for authentication on the server.

This option applies only when wdisp/ssl_cred = 2.

icm/server_port_<xx> none The Web Dispatcher/icm port/service (PORT) to use for the protocol (PROT). For example: PROT=HTTPS,PORT=443,TIMEOUT=120