Automatic Configuration of the Relay Server

The auto_config option sets default property values for the backend server and backend farm. When the auto_config option is set to on, the Relay Server runs as a trust on first use (TOFU) system. Automatic configuration is useful for testing purposes and for administration-free environments.

Outbound Enablers connect with unseen backend farms and backend servers. Outbound Enablers that belong to the same backend farm connect by using a farm-wide token. To reserve the farm name before the Relay Server starts, specify it with the token property in the backend_farm section of the Relay Server configuration file.

When the Relay Server processes the first Outbound Enabler connection that has an unseen farm name, a new backend farm configuration is created. The Relay Server updates the original configuration file and stores the supplied token in a new backend farm property. Other backend farm properties are initialized to default values. The automatically configured farm settings persist when the Relay Server is restarted. The backend server configuration also persists per Outbound Enabler, with a unique server token for the backend farm. All Outbound Enablers that belong to the same automatically configured farm must supply a token that matches the farm-wide token; otherwise, access is denied.

When you use automatic configuration, you can still change backend farm and backend server settings. To make changes, use rshost locally for Apache or AdminChannel IIS or Apache.