Server Cannot Start after Changing Log Settings


After configuring the Agentry log rollover size, the SAP Mobile Platform Server fails to start. This can happen if the Agentry log rollover size is configured to be too low. The minimum recommended log rollover size is 1000000 (bytes).


Reconfigure the Agentry log rollover size to be a minimum of 1000000 (bytes), and then start SAP Mobile Platform Server:

  1. In Management Cockpit, select Applications, and open any application to edit.

  2. Select App Specific Settings, and scroll down to the section called Logging (Affects All Agentry Applications).

  3. Make sure the Maximum Log Size value is set to 1000000 (bytes) or higher, or to 0, the default, which indicates there is no maximum size.
  4. Start SAP Mobile Platform Server.