Choosing a Transport Strategy

Choose a transport strategy to determine how to create transport requests and when to release them.


Define both the source and the target SAP Mobile Platform Server systems.


  1. See Choosing a Transport Strategy for Source Systems.
  2. In the system list, double-click the system BD1 that you just created.
  3. Select Transport Tool, and switch to Edit mode.
  4. Verify that the list of parameters includes both WBO_GET_REQ_STRATEGY and WBO_REL_REQ_STRATEGY; if it does not:
    1. Select a row, and click Insert Row.
    2. Choose the input help (F4-help).
    3. Select the parameter to add, and enter a value, which must begin with a capital letter:
      Parameter Valid Values
      WBO_GET_REQ_STRATEGY Create, Smart, or Tagged
      WBO_REL_REQ_STRATEGY Manual or Automatic

      The document cited in step 1 describes how each value affects system behavior.