Importing Applications into Target Servers

After you export an SAP Mobile Platform application using a CTS+ transport request, you can import the application into the target server.


  1. Log in to the Transport Management System.
  2. Click the Import icon .
  3. Double-click your target system. If your system does not appear, click the Refresh icon .
  4. On the Import Queue page, click the Refresh icon.
  5. Select the request to import, and click the Import Request icon .
  6. In the dialog that opens, select Immediate, and click .
  7. Click Yes to confirm.


The system returns one of four codes, and you see its corresponding icon. Double-click the icon to learn more about the results.
Icon Return Code Description
0 The import was successful.
4 The import was successful, but some warnings exist.
8 The import failed because of errors in the content. Export the application again.
12 The import failed because of issues with the tool. After the issue is fixed, import again.

To view the deployment log, click the icon to the left of Deployment.