Tracing Network Activity

Application users can trace network activity based on user name, connection, application, or content type. You can download tracing reports to either a .zip or a .har file.


Configure the tracing properties before you turn tracing on.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Logs Next navigation step Network Traces End of the navigation path.
  2. By default, SAP Mobile Platform traces all users, connections, applications, and content types. To trace specific activity, enter values for one or more of these properties:
    • User Name

    • Registration ID

    • Application ID

    • Content Type

  3. For Logging Type, select either:
    • Log only the first 2K of payload, or

    • Log the whole payload for one hour

  4. To start logging network activity, set Enable Network Trace to On. Logging starts immediately.
  5. To download a tracing report:
    1. Filter the report by specifying one or more of these property values:
      • User Name

      • Registration ID

      • Application ID or select All

      • Content Type or select All

    2. Select the date range.
    3. Select the output file type, ZIP or HAR, and click the Download icon.
  6. To purge the trace log, select Purge Now.