Integrating SAP Solution Manager

Integrate SAP Mobile Platform with SAP Solution Manager by setting up and configuring your system.


  • Install SAP Solution Manager 7.1 or later.

  • Install SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 or later.

  • Install and configure the Wily Introscope Agent as described in Configuring Introscope Agent for SAP Mobile Platform Server. The introscope agent must be installed on each SAP Mobile Platform Server for Solution Manager to monitor it.

  • Install the Diagnostic agent, and download the SAP_SMP3_procmon.ini file, contained in the attachment, as described SAP Note 1990123: published on SAP site. (Downloading the file is described in step 1 of the SAP Note procedure. Step 2 has been automated, and is now obsolete; and steps 3 and 4 are now covered in Administrator > Server Administration).