Defining Transport Routes

Define a transport route that links the source and target SAP Mobile Platform systems to enable transferring applications between the two systems.


SAP recommends that you define client-independent transport routes. See Configuring Transport Routes.


  1. Log in to the Transport Management System.
  2. Click the Transport Routes icon .
  3. Set the editor to Change mode by clicking the Display <> Change icon .
  4. To create a transport layer, select Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Transport Layer Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.
  5. In the Create Transport Layer dialog, enter values for these properties, then click the check mark:
    • Transport Layer – a name for the transport layer.

    • Short Description

  6. Put the source and destination systems you created into the routes panel, and click the Add Transport Route icon .

    The cursor changes to a pen.

  7. Using the pen, draw a line between your two systems.
  8. Select the Transport Layer that you created, click the check mark, and click Yes to confirm.