Deploying Mobiliser to SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Mobiliser is packaged as an optional feature inside SAP Mobile Platform and can be deployed to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Mobiliser is packaged as a standard WAR file to run on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It uses a data source provided by the runtime, and retrieves the stored Mobiliser Preferences password from the PasswordStorage API provided by SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It runs on an SAP ASE or SAP HANA database.

Both the neo-javaee6-wp and neo-java-web (Tomcat 7) runtimes are supported. The neo-java-web runtime is recommended unless you have specific requirements for java-ee6 APIs in your customization.

If the Mobiliser feature is active in your SAP Mobile Platform installation, then the Mobiliser WAR file is located in $SMP\HOME/pickup.