Purging Agentry Logs

Agentry application logs are rolled (moved) automatically to the \rolled directory, and are stored until you purge them. Decide how long you want to keep the Agentry log files, then delete the files manually, or archive them to storage for later analysis.


The Agentry log files are in <SMP_HOME>\logs\agentry\rolled\<yyyy-mm-dd-HHMMSS>, where <yyyy-mm-dd-HHMMSS> represents the date and time the log files were moved into the directory. If a version, such as <-1> or <-2> is appended to the file name, it indicates that the logs were rolled twice in the same second (this happens only rarely, when a large volume of data is added to a log file). Rolled files are the same as the originals, such as events.log, messages.log, shutdown.log, and startup.log.


  1. Navigate to <SMP_HOME>\logs\agentry\rolled.
  2. Identify the log files to purge.
  3. Delete the files, or archive them for later use.