Defining a Custom Monitoring Template

Define a custom monitoring template for SAP Mobile Platform.


You can use the monitoring template "SAP Mobile Platform 3.0" as a base, or create a new one. This procedure assumes you are modifying "SAP Mobile Platform 3.0".


  1. From SAP Solution Manager, start the SAP Solution Manager Configuration Workcenter.
  2. From the left pane, select Technical Monitoring.
  3. Select Template Maintenance, and press Edit.
  4. From Templates in the left pane, select Generic Product version from the Technical Instance subtree. This allows for later delivery of SAP content without overwriting your own definitions.
  5. Select Create Custom Template.

  6. Enter a template name, and select the Metrics tab.

  7. Click Save.
  8. In Select Package, make a package assignment, and click OK.
    • Enter a package name, such as <$TMP>, to transport the definitions. For example, transfer definitions from your SAP Solution Manager development system, to a test or production system.

    • Select Local Object to keep the definitions locally.