Hybrid App Feature Restriction Overview

You can set feature restriction policies for hybrid apps in Management Cockpit. This gives you additional control over the SAP Fiori Client application features that are allowed and restricted.

When you edit a hybrid app in Management Cockpit, available feature plugins are listed on the Client Policies screen. You can indicate features that should be restricted from the user. Feature plugins are typically JavaScript APIs that provide access to the native APIs of the mobile device (implemented as Apache Cordova plugins). Plugins include:
  • Cordova Camera
  • Barcode Scanner (plugin for different types of barcode scanners, using the device's camera)
  • Cordova Contacts
  • Cordova File
  • Cordova Geolocation
  • Cordova Calendar
  • Print
  • SAP Push Plugin

You can also manage a list of feature restriction policies for all applications from a central location. Each of the centrally maintained feature restriction policies work as a template. An updated template is automatically applied to new hybrid applications, and can be manually applied to existing ones. Override the template for individual hybrid apps.