Custom Connector Port Overwritten


After manually creating a custom connector in <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\org.eclispe.gemini.web.tomcat\default-server.xml, the custom connector port number is overwritten when SAP Mobile Platform Server is restarted.

SAP Mobile Platform uses special attributes for the Connector element. The value in the smpConnectorName attribute corresponds to a port number, which is stored in the database. If you created a custom connector by cutting and pasting an existing connector entry and did not change the smpConnectorName attribute, the connector name on the custom connector will correspond to the existing port number in the database. The port number you assigned to the custom connector will be overwritten with the port number in the database on server startup.


When creating a custom connector, either remove the smpConnectorName attribute or change its value. When setting the value for smpConnectorName, do not use any of the following:
  • noSSL
  • oneWaySSL
  • AdminSSL
  • mutualSSL